Queensland Government (TMR)

Coomera Connector

The proposed Coomera Connector M1 highway duplication is Queensland’s largest road project. We were commissioned by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in early 2020 to assist with internal stakeholder and business case discussions at a state and federal level.

The creation of a highly detailed interactive 3D digital twin of the proposed road on a digital terrain and photogrammetry base enables non-technical stakeholders to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the benefits and delivery challenges of this multi-billion-dollar highway project. It is a prime example of how digital twin technology can federate and intuitively communicate a broad range of technical data sets into a single source of truth in the pre-feasibility and business case phases.

This project showcases the extraordinary power of the world’s biggest gaming engine, Unreal Engine 4, with the ability to incorporate regional scale terrain data, city-wide photogrammetry, and nearly 50 kilometres of detailed road infrastructure design in a single 3D environment. The resulting outputs assists all government and community stakeholders to participate in a more equitable, transparent, and informed manner, leading to accelerated project outcomes, risk mitigation, faster job creation and significant cost savings for the Queensland Government.

We are grateful to the Queensland Government and the team at the Department of Transport and Main roads for their continued support of innovation and continuous improvement through their commitment to industry-transforming processes being developed in collaboration with Wade Arthur and his Coomera Connector project team, as well as the positive feedback regarding the output, which we continue to receive at every level of stakeholder engagement and decision-making. We appreciate the continued support of innovation and industry improvement, and encouragement for the V2i Realtime revolution.

Testimonial by the Project Manager for the Coomera Connector:

“My experience has been that V2i Realtime is an innovative and ground-breaking technology. It is transforming our thinking and ability to effectively engage with stakeholders and the broader community, significantly enhancing the way we communicate about projects. This will ultimately assist our internal decision-making process, and – importantly – ensure we projects continue to deliver with efficiency and effectiveness.”

– Wade Arthur, Project Manager Coomera Connector, South Coast Region 
Program Delivery and Operations Branch, Infrastructure Management and Delivery Division, Department of Transport and Main Roads