Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Cross River Rail

We created and continue to maintain a Brisbane-wide V2i Realtime model for Cross River Rail, Queensland’s highest priority infrastructure project. The digital twin for this project is based on a South East Queensland-scale digital terrain and photogrammetry model, including the entire Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs, with 10.2km of proposed rail line, 5.9km of tunnel and all proposed underground stations and associated above-ground co-developments in full visual detail.

The Cross River Rail V2i Realtime model has been continuously updated in sprints over the since 2019, when V2i was first awarded the tender as part of the ‘PVM Consortium’ to introduce the benefits of a ‘federated model’ approach to digital engineering, and in 2020 we were subsequently engaged as a direct supplier to continue the development of the digital twin, offering the CRRDA a central internal decision-making tool, and the broader public a comprehensive visual information platform on this $5.4bn project. We are continuously updating the model in close collaboration with the CRRDA to reflect the design changes across all stations and the environment surrounding them.

Our vision was to showcase the wide range of value-add opportunities that utilising the world’s biggest gaming engine, Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 via our V2i Realtime product, could provide the CRRDA and indeed the broader Queensland Government agencies involved. V2i has continued to provide ongoing services, working with CRRDA’s internal BIM team and the projects’ federated digital model to provide outcomes that more effectively address the daily business and communication needs of the project.

Outputs include the primary V2i Realtime application, used for internal decision-making and external presentations, as well as a variety of consultation and engagement collateral derived from the core model. This ranges from state-of-the-art interactive room-scale projections for the visitor centre to traditional communication collateral for the web. We are proud to be part of this significant project.

It has been a privilege working with Graeme Newton and his team at the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, who are committed to evolving and showcasing Queensland innovation to set new industry benchmarks that improve many aspects of major project delivery and encourage others to join the V2i Realtime revolution.

Testimonial by the CEO of CRRDA:

“Cross River Rail is one of Australia’s largest and most significant infrastructure projects and we realised from the very start of delivery that not only was there potential to learn from similar underground rail projects already under construction both overseas and here in Australia, but also that projects of this scale and complexity represent a huge innovation opportunity. One area where we felt such an opportunity clearly existed was 3D digital modelling and V2i have to be congratulated for not only understanding our vision in this space but for being willing to join us in pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.

V2i Realtime as a product has played a critical role in helping us facilitate the benefits of a creating an interactive and immersive environment. And far from being something that simply helps the public understand the future infrastructure we are delivering, it is a tool we use on a daily basis as part of delivering and constructing our project. And a platform that we believe could yet play a role in the maintenance and operation of this infrastructure for decades to come. V2i have not just joined this innovation drive, they have at times led it. So if this is an area you are taking a look at, I have no hesitation in recommending that you talk to Luke and his team.”

– Graeme Newton, Chief Executive Officer, CRRDA