The Village Group

Manly Retirement Village

The touch screen output for use in the Manly Retirement Village sales suite is an example of an additional output built upon an existing asset that creates an additional return on investment when a digital twin of the project has been established throughout the earlier stages of a project. This type of output is a ‘by-product’ of the V2i Realtime design application originally used as part of the design optioneering, approval and stakeholder engagement phases of this development.

Whilst the digital twin model of a project may evolve and change significantly throughout the early design and approval processes, fulfilling its primary purpose of presenting an intuitive yet accurate digital representation of complex outcomes within the precise site context, this existing asset can importantly be used to inform the sales and marketing team to provide an additional important feedback loop between the sales and development teams. Marketing collateral can be fast-tracked as it is immediately available to be produced from an existing 3D asset, and the digital twin can ultimately be transformed into a dedicated and tailored sales tool with a user-friendly touch interface that facilitates the presentation of future outcomes with complete freedom, allowing sales professionals and customers to explore the scene based on each individual conversation.

In this case, the sales centre touch screen experience was specifically created based on a number of requirements by the sales staff, such as the ability to land on each balcony to communicate accurate view lines, and to manage customer expectations and the appreciation of surrounding points of interest through the incorporation of photogrammetry data.

We have had the privilege of working with Michael and Justin Harrison, and their team at the Village Group for over a decade and we see this as a great example of how our existing clients have transitioned with us from a traditional visualisation approach to utilising the full spectrum of what the real time digital twin revolution has to offer.