Intrapac Property


Our involvement with Intrapac Property’s Kinley project is a prime example of introducing digital twin technology from day one in the project lifecycle of a large-scale property development project. The interactive V2i Realtime environment has been utilised for initial site investigations by showcasing existing site conditions via the incorporation of aerial captured photogrammetry data and the use of planning overlays for initial strategic discussions with various authorities around key land use and transport planning solutions, before progressing through several design iterations and model updates to reflect the various design evolutions. In collaboration with the full spectrum of design consultants throughout visioning and concept planning, the digital twin approach assisted with the investigation and resolution of various key project precincts.

The V2i Realtime digital twin evolved alongside the Kinley project, growing in detail and feature set to meet the various decision-making and communication demands associated with key project milestones. As an essential piece of digital infrastructure, re-using, refining, and scaling the asset throughout the project lifecycle drastically improves stakeholder appreciation and understanding, ultimately reaching the desired real-world outcomes faster and more efficiently.

In the realm of sales and marketing, the digital twin enabled the project team to draw upon an existing asset to bring forward the sales and marketing cycle. In the case of Kinley, the initial planning and design application has been converted into a number of touch screen and gaming controller-based sales centre experiences in collaboration with Intrapac’s sales team, now taking centre stage as everyday information and engagement tool for sales professionals on site. Additional communication collateral, including conventional animation and perspective output for more traditional sales channels, were all derived from one central model with minimal effort.

Kinley is one of many Intrapac Property projects on which we had the privilege to work on, and we sincerely thank the Intrapac team and all associated consultants who have collaborated with us to help grow the ‘realtime revolution’ in our industry.